What Are Gearmotors and How Do They Work?

A gearmotor is considered to be a combination of an electric motor and gearbox, the motor either being AC or DC in type. By combining such elements together, a gearmotor may be used to generate a high amount of torque for an operation while operating with low horsepower or speed. Since their initial inception, gearmotors have situated themselves as a commonplace integrated system type. With the potential efficiency and cost savings provided by gearmotors, it can be useful to have a general understanding of their functionality and applications.

Typically, gearmotor assemblies are relied on when there is a need for enough force to move heavy objects. With the gears attached to the motor, the speed of the system can be reduced so that ample torque is generated. While gearmotors can take advantage of DC motors for their operations, a majority feature fixed-speed AC motors. However, applications related to automobiles often necessitate the use of DC motors, making them useful options in some instances.

While gearmotors are not the only option for when someone requires power for moving objects, they hold various advantages over their other motor and gear combination counterparts. One of the most important advantages of the gearmotor is its ability to simplify designs and the engineering process as motors and gears do not need to be separately designed and implemented.

With the gears and motors of a gearmotor specifically being designed to work in unison, their combination will often result in optimal use and management of power, as well as longer service lives for all assembly components. As an integrated unit, gearmotors also do not require any use of couplings, those of which have the potential for misalignment which can result in bearing failure.

Over the years, there have been various advancements made to gearmotor technology, including the introduction of new materials, bearings, coatings, and much more. With improved designs for gear tooth elements, overall noise generation has been mitigated. Alongside noise reduction, the use of such advanced components has also bolstered the strength and lifespan of many gearmotor assemblies while allowing them to be constructed in small packages.

Depending on the application in question, one may use a wide number of motors and gearboxes to ensure that operations can be carried out. Nevertheless, a complete gearmotor is the most advantageous due to its various capabilities. With a number of combinations available, all of which differ in their ratings, capabilities, and cost-effectiveness, it is important that one conducts the necessary research into their needs before making a purchasing decision.

Like all types of operating machinery, gearmotors will eventually wear out and break down over time with continued use. As such, it is important that they are well maintained and cared for so that their service lives can be extended as much as possible. If you are conducting an inspection on your gearmotors and require replacement parts, products for motor protection, or other related elements, there is no better alternative to Infinite Industrials.

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