How Do Surge Protection and Power Conditioning Work Together?

Surge protection is typically carried out by appliances intended to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. As such, surge protection components work by blocking or shorting any unwanted voltages before entering a network. While surge protection can prevent power surges by absorbing increased power, it does not always work alone to protect one’s devices. Power conditioning, on the other hand, consists of a device that improves the quality of the power that is being delivered to electrical load equipment. Surge protection often works in tandem with power conditioning to meet the same ends.

As voltage spikes and power surges are common in devices used in a realm of different industries, they require multiple layers of protection. One of the most common uses for surge protectors includes whole house surge protection. Usually installed between street power lines and your home or between your meter and breaker box, surge protectors offer your devices and appliances protection against unprecedented spikes and surges.

However, surge protectors do not have the capacity to handle every surge your home may endure. With this in mind, power conditioners are applied to help aid surge protectors. Typically positioned on individual outlets in your home, power conditioners release excess voltage through the ground in the event that there is a spike that overcomes the entire structure’s surge protector. More than that, their greatest quality includes noise reduction. 

There are two types of power conditioners currently available today, one of which includes a lower-cost model that can be destroyed internally, but preserves your gear, alongside a more expensive model that has the ability to withstand a majority of surges, with the exception of extreme cases, without destruction.

While surge protectors and power conditioners are often reduced to the abilities of power strips, they are much more than that. Power strips are often found in retail stores, and though they may be cheaper, their prices speak volumes for their capacity. In the event that there is a voltage spike, power strips often fail and can even catch fire.

Together, surge protectors and power conditioners have a number of outstanding abilities. They can filter incoming electrical currents to provide the proper voltage, allowing electronics to operate optimally. Moreover, they can prevent small drops and disturbances in the power supply being delivered to your devices which can result in reduced efficiency, increased energy costs, and shortened service life. Lastly, they provide filtration properties for components that are plugged into the same power conditioner.

It is important to note that, like most devices equipped to handle voltage spikes and surges, surge protectors and power conditioners should be routinely checked. As a malfunctioning surge protector and power conditioner can result in damage to appliances and devices connected to them, ensuring that they are in optimal condition is critical. If you find yourself in need of surge protectors, power conditioners, voltage sensors, or other such devices that offer surge protection, rely on Infinite Industrials.

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