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If you need parts from category Soft Starters, Infinite Industrials is your one-stop shop. We are part of the ASAP Semiconductor network and therefore have access to more than two billion new and obsolete parts. This Soft Starters includes a broad range of industrial and automation parts such as 1359715, 1359716, 1359717, 1359718, 1359719 and many more, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. We have established, ongoing relationships with top suppliers and specialize in leveraging our purchasing power to secure lower cost and faster delivery on all parts. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is fully traceable or comes directly from the manufacturer. To see what makes us the future of parts procurement, contact us today. Our team of dedicated account managers is standing by 24/7.

Part No. Description Manufacturer RFQ
1359715 2-Phase 3.5A Soft Start IP20 1.5kW 400VAC DIN Rail... Rs Pro By Allied RFQ
1359716 2-Phase 6.5A Soft Start IP20 3kW 400VAC DIN Rail S... Rs Pro By Allied RFQ
1359717 2-Phase 12A Soft Start IP20 5.5kW 400VAC DIN Rail ... Rs Pro By Allied RFQ
1359718 2-Phase 25A Soft Start IP20 11kW 400VAC Snap-On CE... Rs Pro By Allied RFQ
1359719 2-Phase 32A Soft Start IP20 15kW 400VAC Snap-on CE... Rs Pro By Allied RFQ
1359720 2-Phase 45A Soft Start IP20 22kW 400VAC Snap-On CE... Rs Pro By Allied RFQ
1359721 2-Phase 16A Soft Start IP20 7.5kW 400VAC DIN Rail ... Rs Pro By Allied RFQ
18EM3-4-25HP3 Motor starter; solid state; reduced voltage; 380/4... Payne Controls Company RFQ
2096340 1phase snatch free softstart module2.2kW Rs Pro By Allied RFQ
2096356 3-Phase Snatch free 5.5A Soft Start IP20 2.2 kW 38... Rs Pro By Allied RFQ
2096362 3-Phase Snatch free 12A Soft Start IP20 5.5 kW 380... Rs Pro By Allied RFQ
2128683 3-Phase 5.5A Soft Start 2.2 kW 380 - 460VAC DIN Ra... Rs Pro By Allied RFQ
2128699 3-Phase 12A Soft Start 5.5 kW 380 - 460VAC DIN Rai... Rs Pro By Allied RFQ
3RW3003-1CB54 3 A Soft Starter 3RW30 Series; IP20; 1.1 kW; 200 -... Siemens RFQ
3RW30131BB04 SIRIUS SOFT STARTER; SIZE S00; 3.6A; 24V Siemens RFQ
3RW30131BB14 SIRIUS SOFT STARTER; S00; 3.6A; 110-230V Siemens RFQ
3RW30132BB04 SOFTSTART; 3A; .5/.5/1.4HP; 24V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30132BB14 SOFTSTART; 3A; .5/.5/1.4HP; 120/230V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30141BB04 Sirius Soft Starter, Size S00, 6.5A, 24V Siemens RFQ
3RW30141BB14 Sirius Soft Starter, S00, 6.5A, 110-230V Siemens RFQ
3RW30142BB04 SOFTSTART; 4.8A; 1/1/3HP; 24V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30142BB14 SOFTSTART; 4.8A; 1/1/3HP; 120/230V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30161BB04 Softstart, 7.8A, 2/2/5Hp, 24V, Scrw Siemens RFQ
3RW30161BB14 SOFTSTART; 7.8A; 2/2/5HP; 120/230V; SCRW Siemens RFQ
3RW30162BB04 SOFTSTART; 7.8A; 2/2/5HP; 24V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30162BB14 SOFTSTART; 7.8A; 2/2/5HP; 120/230V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30171BB04 SOFTSTART; 11A; 3/3/7.5HP; 24V; SCRW Siemens RFQ
3RW30171BB14 SOFTSTART; 11A; 3/3/7.5HP; 120/230V; SCRW Siemens RFQ
3RW30172BB04 SOFTSTART; 11A; 3/3/7.5HP; 24V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30172BB14 SOFTSTART; 11A; 3/3/7.5HP; 120/230V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30181BB04 SIRIUS SOFT STARTER; SIZE S00; 17.6A; 24V Siemens RFQ
3RW30181BB14 SIRIUS SOFT STARTER; S00; 17.6A; 110-230V Siemens RFQ
3RW30182BB04 SOFTSTART; 17A; 3/3/10HP; 24V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30182BB14 SOFTSTART; 17A; 3/3/10HP; 120/230V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30261BB14 SIRIUS SOFT STARTER; SIZE S0; 25A; 110-230V Siemens RFQ
3RW30262BB04 SOFTSTART; 23A; 5/5/15HP; 24V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30262BB14 SOFTSTART; 23A; 5/5/15HP; 120/230V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW3027-1BB04 Softstart, 32A, 7.5/7.5/20Hp, 24V, 480V, Scr Siemens RFQ
3RW30272BB04 SOFTSTART; 29A; 7.5/7.5/20HP; 24V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30272BB14 SOFTSTART; 29A; 7.5/7.5/20HP; 120/230V; SPR Siemens RFQ
3RW30281BB14 SOFTSTART; 34A; 10/10/25HP; 120/230V; SCRW Siemens RFQ
3RW30282BB04 SOFTSTART; 34A; 10/10/25HP; 24V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30282BB14 SOFTSTART; 34A; 10/10/25HP; 120/230V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30361BB04 Softstart, 42A, 10/15/30Hp, 24V, Scrw Siemens RFQ
3RW30361BB14 Softstart, 42A, 10/15/30Hp, 120/230V, Scrw Siemens RFQ
3RW30362BB04 SOFTSTART; 42A; 10/15/30HP; 24V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30362BB14 SOFTSTART; 42A; 10/15/30HP; 120/230V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30371BB04 SOFTSTART; 58A; 15/20/40HP; 24V; SCRW Siemens RFQ
3RW30371BB14 SOFTSTART; 58A; 15/20/40HP; 120/230V; SCRW Siemens RFQ
3RW30372BB04 SOFTSTART; 58A; 15/20/40HP; 24V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30381BB14 SOFTSTART; 62A; 20/20/40HP; 120/230V; SCRW Siemens RFQ
3RW30382BB04 SOFTSTART; 62A; 20/20/40HP; 24V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30382BB14 SOFTSTART; 62A; 20/20/40HP; 120/230V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30461BB04 SOFTSTART; 73A; 20/25/50HP; 24V; SCRW Siemens RFQ
3RW30461BB14 Softstart, 73A, 20/25/50Hp, 120/230V, Scrw Siemens RFQ
3RW30462BB04 SOFTSTART; 73A; 20/25/50HP; 24V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30462BB14 SOFTSTART; 73A; 20/25/50HP; 120/230V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30471BB04 SIRIUS SOFT STARTER; SIZE S3; 106A; 24V Siemens RFQ
3RW30472BB04 SOFTSTART; 98A; 30/30/75HP; 24V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW30472BB14 SOFTSTART; 98A; 30/30/75HP; 120/230V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW3346-0EC34 SOFTSTART; OPEN; 35A; PH; V; VCTL Siemens RFQ
3RW4024-1BB14 12.5 A Soft Starter 3RW40 Series; IP20; 5.5 kW; 20... Siemens RFQ
3RW40241TB04 SOFTSTART; 12.5A; 5.5KW/400V; AC24V; SCRW Siemens RFQ
3RW40242BB04 SOFTSTART; 11A; 3/3/7.5HP; 24V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW4026-1BB05 Sirius Soft Starter, S0, 25A, 15Kw/500V Siemens RFQ
3RW4026-1BB14 25 A Soft Starter 3RW40 Series, IP20, 11 kW, 200 -... Siemens RFQ
3RW40261BB04 Sirius Soft Starter, S0, 25A, 24V Ac/Dc Siemens RFQ
3RW40261TB04 SIRIUS SOFT STARTER; S0; 23A; 15HP/480V Siemens RFQ
3RW40262BB04 SOFTSTART; 23A; 5/5/15HP; 24V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW40262BB14 SOFTSTART; 25A; 5/5/15HP; 110/230V; SPRNG Siemens RFQ
3RW4027-1BB14 32 A Soft Starter 3RW40 Series; IP20; 15 kW; 200 -... Siemens RFQ
3RW40272BB04 Softstart, 29A, 7.5/7.5/20Hp, 24V, Sprng Siemens RFQ
3RW40272BB14 SOFTSTART; 32A; 15KW/400V; 110-230 AC/DC V Siemens RFQ
3RW4028-1BB14 38 A Soft Starter 3RW40 Series; IP20; 18.5 kW; 200... Siemens RFQ
3RW40281BB04 SOFTSTART; 34A; 10/10/25HP; 24V; SCRW Siemens RFQ
3RW40281TB04 SOFTSTART; 38A; 10/10/25HP; 24V; SCRW Siemens RFQ
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