When to Use Motorized Impellers

Motorized impellers, also called backward curved impellers, are a type of rotating component that increases the pressure and flow of a fluid, such as water, oil, or air. They are specifically designed for applications that require high airflows within a small package. Due to their design, motorized impellers can also maximize heat dissipation to extend the operating life of electronic components and systems. In addition, they are able to work in a wide temperature range and are available for both AC and DC motor applications. As such, these impellers are well-suited for air filtration and ventilation systems, networking systems, and for cooling electronic and telecommunications cabinets.

How Are Motorized Impellers Different from Blowers?

Both blower and motorized impellers are used to direct air flow, but the direction in which the air leaves the device changes with their different designs. In a blower, the blades curve in the same direction as the motor’s rotation. The pressure side of the blade is concave, and the suction side is convex. As the motor rotates, the air exits in the radial direction in a manner that is tangential to the curve of the blades. For motorized impellers, the curvature of the blades is reversed so that they curve away from the direction in which they rotate. Here, the pressure side is the convex side and the suction side is the concave side. As the motor rotates, the air exits radially from the motor away from the direction of rotation.

What Are the Benefits of Motorized Impellers?

Motorized impellers have a large number of benefits that make them useful for a wide variety of industrial applications. They generate a high volume of air that can be contained or directed along a pipeline. To accomplish this, motorized impellers have a uniquely designed rotor system which provides a system that minimizes space and vibration. With both the motor and impeller in the airstream, there is highly efficient cooling. In addition, the small size and low profile of motorized impellers allows them to be installed with ease. Moreover, motorized impellers can operate with or without a casing or scroll housing, making them even more efficient..

What Are Applications for Motorized Impellers?

Motorized impellers are useful systems for operations that require high airflow, high reliability, high static pressures, compact designs and low power consumption. As such, they are typically used in environments with higher static pressure, higher impedance or back pressures, such as in-line boosters in duct work, and air circulation/recirculation systems including HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning). Motorized impellers are also a great choice for exhaust applications such as commercial extractor hoods and kitchen range hoods. Other applications include refrigeration and freezing equipment, ovens, and cabinets and enclosures.


Motorized impellers are useful devices for a broad range of fans and thermal applications, lending greater efficiency and power than other options for moving fluids in a system. As a leading supplier of motorized impellers in the industrial automation industry, Infinite Industrials is here to assist you with all your part needs. Prioritizing quality and authenticity at every step of the way, we subject countless items to strict quality testing and high standards fit for their use in aircraft. Explore our vast inventory and start the purchasing process today to experience a procurement process that is uniquely convenient and fit for your needs.


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